Fashion southwest style

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Fashion has been a part of the southwest as long as there have been inhabitants here. Many of the later fashions were brought to this area by the wives of the men who settled here. Others were cultural attire of indigenous peoples, and some were adapted to suit life here in the southwest. From the pueblo women to the boom of the railroad, to the influx of artists, writers and healers, to the hippies of the sixties, to the world trade center and Market Hall in Dallas, Texas, fashion in the southwest has traveled a road full of creative, practical, alternative and most importantly, unique blends that evolved into what we know today as “southwestern style.”

Of outlaw queen Belle Star, in Texas, late 1800s, From Wikipedia, “Belle always harbored a strong sense of style, which would feed into her later legend. A crack shot, she used to ride sidesaddle while dressed in a black velvet riding habit and a plumed hat, carrying two pistols, with cartridge belts across her hips.”

Fashion is also a form of artistic expression and perhaps second only to the runways of Paris and New York, the southwestern united states has been evident of this for many decades. The influx of artistic personalities into the southwest, particularly, New Mexico, from as early as the late eighteen hundreds and the turn of the century brought with them not only a flair for the creative but a spark that exudes to this day for the different, the unique, the unusual and this too is evident in our styles


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