What is new from Brian Atwood

B Brian Atwood

B Brian Atwood

The debut this fall of B Brian Atwood, a lower-priced companion line to his signature collection that he’s currently launching with Jones New York, Atwood is about to expand his fan base beyond the elite $700-shoe club. Though not exactly in the Payless category—core prices for B will run from $200 to $400, spiking to $600 for boots—the new line will bring his signature sexy but refined aesthetic into the realm of possibility for the legions of women who’ve coveted his designs but have been unable to afford them. And the last time we checked, Payless didn’t offer anything nearly as satisfying as Atwood’s patchwork leopard-print ponyskin knee-high boots—“When all the colors come together, they actually become a neutral you can wear with anything,” he promises—or silver Lurex pumps with an ankle-flattering, heart-shape vamp and a sweetly seductive disco vibe.


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